What is this course?

This course comes out of frustration with the current Auction Market Profile courses currently available. Especially with trading bitcoin, it can be frustrating for a novice to have to piece together information from various outdated sources circa 1985, futures and legacy specific content, and outright misleading material.

What we hope to provide is not only the most relevant and actionable aspects of the market profile from the ground up but also some bitcoin specific patterns and anomalies that you can take advantage of.

This course will start at the very basics, so if you’re already familiar with profile some of it will be a repeat, and then it’ll get into more challenging and complex topics as the course progresses.

What is a Market Profile and Time Price Opportunity chart?

Market profile, in its most basic form, is a framework to analyze supply and demand in the market through the process of auctioning. TPO stands for ‘time price opportunity’, and is a way of visually representing time on horizontal bars, showing accumulation across a given price level. All that is just a fancy way of saying horizontal candlesticks.

Who Is this course for?

This course is for anyone looking to trade in a systematic and repeatable manner. The fundamental principles of Auction Market Theory (AMT) apply across all markets, so you can use the knowledge within and apply it to anything else you are trading. Note that AMT is best used in markets where bid/ask tick data is easily accessible.

What does this course include?

The course is structured as follows:
5-6 hours of core content
Bonus material including trade examples
Additional Q&A Session to address unanswered questions

What programs/software do you guys use?

For the examples in this course, we are using a program called Sierra Chart. It is the cheapest, most flexible and most reliable product we have found for our purposes. There are other programs out there where you can replicate most of the elements we’re using.

Update June 2021: Other Software such as ExoCharts, Quantower & @SpacemanBTC’s MP indicator for Tradingview are all good and viable alternatives to Sierra Charts or if you prefer a Web-based client

How do I get my chart to match your TPO Profile?

We will provide a template that you can use with Sierra Chart that matches the one we use in examples. If you’re not using Sierra Chart, the Intro to TPO profiles section will give you enough information to recreate the majority of our chart in any platform that offers TPO constructions. Otherwise you can watch how we construct our charts and recreate them in your preferred charting medium.