To help you get a sense of our style of teaching and the content within, we’ve provided two free videos from our course material for your perusal. Here is a how the course is broken down:

Intro to TPO Profiles
• TPO Basics / Elements of the Chart

Market Profile Concepts

• Bracketing versus Trending Environments

• In-Balance versus Out of Balance, Open Location and Open Types

• Value Area Engulf and Overlap

• One Time Framing

Time Price Opportunity Basics:

• Value Area & Acceptance

• Anomalies (Singles, Liquidity Voids, Tails, Bad Hi(s)/Lo(s)

• What are HVNs and LVNs, What do they represent?

• Volume versus Time Point of Control (vPOC)

Bitcoin Strategies:

• Day Types Part 1: Examples & Formations

• Day Types Part 2: Scenarios & Setups

• Value Area Range & Expansion Strategies

High Volume Nodes & Low Volume Nodes Lecture Sample

Bracketing vs Trending Environment Types Lecture Sample

Trade Example #9: Anomaly into VA unwind